How To Understand You Have Alcohol Addiction?

What is alcohol addiction? Most people have the following point of view: alcohol addiction is characteristic of alcoholics only.

  • An alcoholic is an amoral way of living.
  • An alcoholic wallows under the fence and drinks vodka every day. I am not so, so I have no alcohol addiction.

Naturally, no one has any desire to associate himself with an alcoholic in this way. However, you do not have to be like that at all to become an alcoholic. This is the extreme stage of alcohol dependence with the imposition of social degradation and complete decomposition of the individual.

Yes, you do not behave, but despite this, you may have alcohol dependence.Alcohol Addiction_ Yes or Not_

What does not determine – you have alcohol dependence or not

You may be addicted to alcohol, and you can:

  • earn well;
  • look good and dress;
  • work at a prestigious job;
  • have a family;
  • be in a relationship;
  • have your own business;
  • lead an active social life;
  • have friends;
  • do sport.

You can be quite a normal person. However, this does not guarantee that you are not addicted.

What else does NOT determine if you have an alcohol addiction or not?

It also doesn’t matter what kind of drink you consume.

You can drink:

  • vodka;
  • beer;
  • wine;
  • champagne;
  • cocktails;
  • cognac;
  • whiskey;
  • homemade tinctures;
  • expensive alcohol.

Drinking a certain type of alcoholic beverages does not determine whether you have a dependency or not. For a person who consumes beer, the main excuse is that he drinks a low-alcohol drink.

According to statistics, 65% of people who drink alcohol prefer beer. Most of them do not believe that they are addicted, as they drink low-alcohol drink.

The frequency of drinking does not determine alcohol dependence.

It doesn’t matter how often you drink:

  • everyday;
  • only at weekends;
  • few times a week;
  • several times a month.

The frequency of drinking does not determine your addiction. For example, the fact that you drink only on weekends does not mean that you do not have alcohol dependence. Friday alcoholism is the most common occurrence in the modern world. In this case, the person has the following excuse: “I have no problems with alcohol because I only drink on weekends. I do not drink every day, as some. Therefore, I have no alcohol addiction. ”And the fact that on weekends there is alcohol consumption with a total loss of control drunk, it is not the reason to become an alcoholic.

It also does not matter with whom and for what reason you drink alcohol.

  • in friends company;
  • alone at home;
  • on holidays;
  • at events, corporate events;
  • meetings with loved ones;
  • in a cafe, bar, restaurant visits.

All this does not determine whether you are dependent or not!

In this case, alcohol addiction contributes to the following denial: “I do not drink alone. I drink in the company. We have a good time, we communicate. And alcohol is just a related attribute. ”or “Others drink too. So this is normal.” What other people drink does not mean that drinking is normal.

Method of how to determine if you have alcohol dependence?

To determine if you have an alcohol addiction, you need to understand the following. No matter what kind of drink, how much, when and with whom you drink. The following is important:

do you lose control over the use of alcohol? This condition uniquely determines whether you are dependent or not.

Understand, addiction is not bad and not good, it just is. You can be quite a normal person and your whole life can talk about it. But you can be addicted.

Recognizing your own addiction to alcohol is an important step towards recovery. Every person who now leads a sober lifestyle began with the fact that he recognized that you have this addiction.

If you will deny the following conditions you won’t quit this addiction:

  • consciously or unknowingly in every way deny their dependence;
  • justify the use of alcohol in many ways;
  • find the most “truthful” reasons why you need to drink.

In this case, you cannot stop drinking. And your dependence will tighten you up more and more.

If nevertheless, you have made the decision to stop drinking, I recommend to see the video of how to do it: