Can You Manage Alcohol Addiction At Home?

Can You Manage Alcohol Addiction At Home

Alcohol addiction is a big problem for many families. Treatment in a clinic can cost a lot of money and not every person can afford it. In many cases, the relatives of an alcoholic begin to carry out a set of procedures at home.

The first two stages of alcoholism can be treated at home. In the third stage of alcoholism, the patient must be hospitalized in a medical institution immediately.

How to treat alcoholism at home?

To ensure that home treatment for alcoholism is effective and does not harm the health of the alcoholic, call your doctor. Only a doctor is able to determine the correct home treatment plan, help overcome the binge state and prescribe medicines for further use.

In addition to activities with the addict, the expert will hold a conversation with relatives, give advice on treatment, patient care, proper communication and behavior.

Support in many areas is also provided by pharmacies. In the past three years, Canadian Family Pharmacy official website had provided 17 acts of support (help with concerns about alcohol) through their Addiction Support Programme. Help can also be offered by other organizations and local health specialists.

The combination of medical help with a home environment allows the alcohol addict to quickly return to normal life.

How to overcome alcohol addiction at home?

You can overcome alcoholism at home. For this, you must be aware of your addiction and have a strong desire to overcome it. Another prerequisite for treatment is the support of loved ones.

Doctors give general recommendations to speed up recovery:

  • sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • eat foods with a high content of vitamins;
  • drink plenty of water – at least 2 liters per day;
  • avoid salty and spicy foods;
  • walk in the open air;
  • cool shower 2 times a day;
  • spend free time with positive emotions: positive films, favorite hobby, games;
  • moderate physical activity, sports.

The main recommendation is a complete refusal to drink alcohol. Neither the addict nor the immediate environment should consume alcohol.

There are some methods for effective home treatment:

  • Self-denial. This method is suitable for addicts who are determined to overcome the disease. The method is about giving up alcohol without the use of medication. The effect is achieved only at the first stage of alcohol dependence;
  • Drug treatment. The patient is prescribed medications that reduce the craving for alcohol, cause rejection and disgust. These include pills, injections, droppers. Medicines should be selected by a doctor after examination of an alcohol addict;
  • Treatment with natural remedies. Herbal medicine, honey, soda and other natural medicines can help you get rid of alcoholism. The method is suitable only for the first stage of addiction;
  • Psychotherapy. This method involves the use of hypnosis methods, instilling the fear of death from alcohol, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The effect can be achieved only with the help of a psychotherapist.

The combination of several techniques allows you to achieve the maximum effect.

Drugs to treat alcoholism

The correct selection of medicines allows you to avoid visiting the clinic. Treatment of alcoholism at home with medicines should be prescribed by a doctor, based on the stage of the disease, the physical and mental state of the patient.

Medicines are divided according to the mode of action and can be used in combination with each other.

Drugs to reduce alcohol cravings

This group of drugs includes opioid receptor antagonists. That is, they help block the feeling of euphoria from drinking alcohol, reduce the need for alcohol, and prevent relapses.

The most popular medicines are Naltrexone, Vivitrol, Revia, and Proproten-100.

Drugs for alcohol aversion

These medications cause negative effects on the body when the person is drinking alcohol. There is a feeling of nausea, dizziness, gastrointestinal upset.

Popular remedies for alcohol aversion are Antabuse and Disulfiram.

Recovery drugs

Alcohol dependence affects the performance of almost all body systems. First of all, the liver, digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems are affected. It is necessary to remove chronic intoxication, restore the body.

The most popular recovery drugs are Glycine, Essentiale Forte, sorbents, lacto- and bifidobacteria, vitamins: B, C, Magnesium.

For effective treatment, it is necessary to combine all groups of drugs for alcoholism.

Natural remedies for addiction to alcohol

Sometimes it is impossible to use medications and psychological methods due to contraindications. In this case, you can try the treatment of alcoholism at home with natural remedies. Note that these methods are effective only in the first stage of alcohol addiction.

  • Lemon juice. Treatment of alcoholism with lemon juice has a course of 14 days. Contraindications for applying the method are peptic ulcer, gastritis, increased acidity in the gastrointestinal tract. On the first day, you need to drink the juice of one lemon; on the second day – juice from two lemons. So, one lemon is added every day. After a week of use, you need to reduce the number of lemons by 1 piece every day. Therefore, on day 14 you need to consume the juice of 1 lemon;
  • Honey therapy. The method is based on replenishing the deficiency of potassium and glucose in the body. The treatment course is 2 days. On the first day, you need to consume 6 tablespoons of honey at one time. Repeat this dose 3 times; the interval between doses is 20 minutes. On the second day, consume 3 doses of honey. The first and second dose – 6 spoons each, the third dose – 4 spoons;
  • Bay leaf. The recipe helps reduce alcohol cravings. You need to brew two bay leaves in 200 ml of boiling water: put on low heat and cook for 10 minutes. The tincture is filtered and cooled. You need to drink the tincture in small portions throughout the day. You can take the solution for a long time. The tincture is suitable for reducing the urge to drink alcohol.

You should remember that almost all natural medicines for alcoholism are contraindicated to patients with gastrointestinal disorders.